Meet your team 

Founded as an advocacy group for full service workers who are passionate about the security of their freedoms, rights and livelihoods. It is our aim to advocate for the protection of those freedoms and rights of those workers within FOH and BOH of full service establishments.  We aim to nurture the culture of camaraderie that has developed and to strengthen and uphold the integrity of our industry.

Sean Beavers got his start in the full service industry at the young age of 14 in Chicago, washing dishes at a Pizzeria.

Building up experience he quickly worked his way up learning many positions within the restaurant industry. It provided him the knowledge and flexibility he would need to eventually move to the Pacific Northwest where he pursued his passion for wine and led him to work tirelessly to becoming a sommelier. A title which he now holds as a certified level 2 at Metropolitan Grill in Seattle.

Aware of legislation that threatens the full service industry, Sean was motivated to form a Facebook page where full service workers could band together.

His passion and love for this industry inspired him to help cultivate the cohesiveness that exists within the restaurant community and harness that family nature to build a united voice.

Sean David began working at age 16 as a busser and dishwasher at a small café in New Mexico, while learning business and sales skills at his parents retail store during the summers.

After graduating high school he began working as a server at Apple Bee’s which helped inspire a passion for bartending. The flexibility the industry provides helped him move to Florida where he was able to easily find work where he learned many different positions in the restaurant. He eventually moved to the Pacific Northwest where he worked at several establishments honing his Bartending skills and his passion for mixology.

Passionate about the industry he felt it was his responsibility to stand up to defend the full service industry from local legislation that didn't consider the dangerous implications it held for the industry workers.

He helped co-found the FSWA to help give back to the industry he loves.

Simone Barron, a co founder of FSWA, has over 30 years experience in the Service Industry.

She has work in many different types of restaurants under many different titles. She is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana and has currently lived in Seattle for 15 years. “Working in the service industry has always afforded me stability and family. I look forward to being a voice to those of us who call full service home.”

Carly Peterson started working in the full service industry at 16 as a host at Red Robin.

She now works for Tom Douglas as server. She has held many positions in the FOH, from expo to assistant manager.