Creating a hub for full service restaurant workers to find both support and camaraderie. 

The FSWA will steer and help mold legislation that can positively impact working conditions and further protect the rights + freedoms of those within the full service restaurant industry. 

This is the alliance the workers can trust.

Composed from individuals actively working in the full service restaurant industry, creating a space that inspires workers to stand up and protect their rights. The dynamic created by bringing full service workers together creates an engaged community and positive working environment. 

Mission / Vision / Position



A fresh and modern group of advocates who aim to strategically mediate between workers, their employers and local legislators to create and inspire optimal working environments while cultivating our cultures and traditions of the full service industry.

To avoid stagnation it is an objective of ours to continually influence the evolution of the full service industry to further protect the workers rights as it progresses.


WHy we're here

Founded as an advocacy group for full service workers who are passionate about the security of their freedoms, rights and livelihoods. It is our aim to advocate for the protection of those freedoms and rights of those workers within FOH and BOH of full service establishments.  We aim to nurture the culture of camaraderie that has developed and to strengthen and uphold the integrity of our industry.


What makes us unique

We value the flexible freedoms that full service workers currently enjoy to create their own schedule whether by choice of working doubles, clopening shifts,trading or having the opportunity to pick up private events at a moments notice.  This allows workersto earn a liveable wage to afford the ever rising costs of living within Seattle. It is their right to have their personal time and freedom by creating their own schedule.